So, as I am watching my morning pop pop on the networks with at least 3 mugs of strong, bitter, bold blend of java, and of course squeezing the Charmin as post cafe drip, I had a reminiscent moment of NYC, as I use to be. Of course, I love my nyc, as it was the best adult experience of my life.   Will always cherish it, and the condo/apt I lived in by the park.  Luv, luv.

After the morning national style morning pop pop, of NBC Today, GMA, CBS morn, comes the 9am shows, but only ABC's Kelly/Ryan tune into a more hyper local zone, which brings me into a nyc state of mind on this June st.   Finally sunny and pleasant there, except for the notorious nasty subways, which Ryan mentions and will not take , as he is new to the nyc scene morning show. [He is a transplanted LAer doing American Idol, Kardashians, etc. But a mid-western boy by nature and birth.].

They discuss the roof top  patios in summer, which are the best places to wine and dine, as it it above the smog and morning fog, which usually smells like hog.   I miss those warm roof top cocktail hours, from hotels, to motels, but not Holiday Inns, say whaaat.

Yes, yearning to go back, and I will with a show in hand, and will only visit til then, but know that it is always there.  Luv my nyc.

And yes, I do love my space and peace and quiet here in Toronto, as it is a perfect base with lots of space to spread my waste.

I reminisced about the second last day of my fabby 2 year stay in nyc last July of '16.  I had to return all of my Verizon equipment and Kurts' too. 2 massive heavy bags of electronics, as I shvitched thru an uber hot afternoon in light cotton pants and shirt, Euro style to match my hair doo.  The only place to hand deliver all this shit by this mega company was to drop it off to a specific Verizon wireless store in the west village. I had no time to have it sent via carriers etc.  So, I ventured out, big plastic bags in hand, down the drecky hot, smelly, filthy F train subway to W 4th station. ewwww.  The subway was packed and I was dripping in my own Eurotrash cologne dominating the regular b.o. stench of the normal people in the subway car.   I got my own pole to hang off of, as my aura pushed away the folk.   Except for this lovely older 80 year woman and middle aged man like myself sitting with bags themselves.  She asked me if I would like to sit down as they made some room for me next to them. I was stunned.  A vibrant elegant beauty with this 'younger' man. The only other 2 civilized looking humans of New York in the car.  she said a few words to me, all smiles and pleasant, as I responded politely and thankfully for the seat, without looking directly at her.  I was too self engaged in my world and time was short as was my temperament.  She got that.

As she her her male companion got up to exit on 14th st stop, she waved to say goodbye, as I did too, and finally looked to her to thank her, and this polite male , and noticed it was none other than tv's character, 'Alice'. Ms Linda Lavin . I was stunned.   That lovely, unforgettable smile at 83 yrs yet.

I had seen her perform twice at both Birdland and 54 Below, and had taken a photo  with her too.  She was perfect a cabaret performer.  On key, and on time.  I believe she remembered me from those shows as I did come up to her twice, and feel she wondered why  I didn't mention it during our subway NYC moment.  Her male companion was her musical director as I recognized him standing up. It made the sweat stains under my big Greek hairy armpits worth the permanent dark circles worth it. Kept the vetements as a stained memory now.

I was ready to get off on the next stop and approach Verizon with vengeance now for  over charging and having this one store to deleiver the goods.  And it summed up my live theater experience in NYC for me, to end it off sitting next to this legendary American pop pop icon.

Live theater, cabarets, jazz clubs, ballets, and some sachez as it were, was always a NYC moment for me, and bumping into these joyous live performers on many occasions in NYC felt so live.

It was nice to exit the city, as it will keep me coming back as the pop peep that I am.

A New York Moment


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